Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 22: You’re kidding me right?

Oh god, what now?  I don’t like saying “you’re kidding me…right?” because that means it’s something outrageous.

Dove chocolate…my FAVORITE!  Suzanne brought a BAG of them!!!  You’re kidding me right?

She gave everyone 1 chocolate heart…dark chocolate :-/  I’ll deal.

We put them on our mats and had to do these things called, “Floppy burpee” (lets make that plural…floppy burpies..?)…look them up.  Basically you end up flopped on your mat and we had to kiss the heart shaped dove chocolates and make a smacking sound with each kiss….you’re kidding me right?

We also had to put them under us and do pushups low enough to kiss them..again making that kissing smacking sound.   Do you know how low of a push up you have to do to kiss a chocolate heart under you!?  You’re kidding me right?!

We did a lot of running and crunching and mountain climbers and running backwards and pushups and tricep dips and more pushups…and running.  I noticed today that my stamina is like 100xs better than it was 5 weeks ago!!  I was in the top 5 finishing vs the end of the group like I was in the beginning.  I was able to keep up the entire time we ran even if we were just running from one area to the next to start new exercises. 
Someone even commented on my stamina :-D and how great I am and how much improvement I’ve made.
I hope that wasn’t a fluke…

The key is when you think you can’t run anymore…keep running.  That’s when you make progress.

So I guess "you're kidding me right?" wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...it wasn't a ridiculously outrageous thing...it was a funny thing.

I just ate that chocolate heart…Dove can make even dark chocolate decent!

Day 21: May I have another

So obviously I’ve been slacking on blogging.  Suzanne hasn’t really been emailing us our topics at the beginning of the week…so I like to think that makes me slack off.


Another card game.  We started out with a set of 10 for each exercise (I think it was like at least 5 different exercises…that doesn’t sound right…it must have been more), did some cardio, then one person picked a number out of a bucket (1-10…but Suzanne took out 1-4).  The first number was 6, so then we did all 5 (but I’m sure it was more than 5) different exercises 16 time, did more cardio.  Then another person picked a number out of the bucket and got 7….so we did all “5” exercise 23 times…see what she did there?  Then more cardio.  I'm sure we did more than that, I mean we have a whole hour...but I can't remember.

Tomorrow:  "You're kidding me right?"...I'm scared...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 17: Deuces Wild

My legs are so sore from all the lunges yesterday!!  And my skin is sore from the massage!!

While getting dressed this morning into my work out clothing I stopped and checked my back…just to make sure I don’t have a ton of bruises from the massage…I don’t (well none that are visible..I’m sure they’re there).

Deuces wild..sounds fun, Jason and I are going to Vegas soon..what a coincidence.  We started out with a warm up of 45 friggin lunges, 45 of these things called “skaters” which are another form of friggin lunges (and we use our weights for all of these), and a ton of ab work.  We then broke into partners.  I typically sit by the same people every day since we all set up in the same spots.  There’s this woman who obviously has been doing camp and running like her entire life.  She kicks major ass.  She could be a coach.  She runs really fast all the time, does all the exercises to the fullest all the time and is just pretty amazing all the time.  She turned to me and said, “Wanna be my partner?”  I said sure since I figured everyone else had already partnered…I knew in the beginning my day would suck….I really wanted to partner with the chubby girl

So there was a deck of cards spread out face down on the floor.  Each suit was an exercise (ex spades were friggin lunges…with weights of course) and each number was the number of times we did it, times 2.  So a 9 of spades meant we did the lunges 18 times.  Face cards, including ace meant 10, so 20 times. 

After each card exercise we grabbed a jump rope and ran around the parking lot once while jump roping, we then dropped the rope and ran around it again backwards, we then ran around one more time forwards, went back, and drew another card.  We did this as long as we had left for the remaining camp time.  My partner and I ended up with 8 total cards..the goal was to try to get to 10 (I think we had the most of any other group).

At one point on one of our backwards laps one of the veterans asked me if “Mary [is my] partner?”  “Yep” I said.  She then said, “Bet you won’t make that mistake again”….all I could say was (I was trying not to fall on my ass and this was after running like a million laps) “I didn’t do it on purpose.”  She then tried to make light of the situation by saying, “She’s a good partner, she really pushes you.”

Anyway, my legs hurt..my skin still hurts..but it was kinda cool to do all that running and actually do it.  I felt obligated cause, again, I don't like to let my partner down.  But I still hate running/cardio.

Day 16: Rocky Monday Madness

::cue “Eye of the Tiger”::

Monady, very wet.  Class is never cancelled.  There’s a small covered section of the park near the entrance.  It’s the only covered area of the entire park and it’s too small to stay dry.  Thankfully not everyone showed up because we were so cramped there’s no way we could’ve fit one more person. 

We worked with a partner and I partnered up with (I’ve never mentioned her before, but..) Joe from the original HWoOC’s twin (not literally, but she reminds me of her SOOO much!).  She’s young and parties and my first impression of her was overhearing her talk to someone about some sugar daddy that took her out and paid for everything (NY Eve).

We did a ton of lunges and arm things…oh and crunches..and a bunch of other things, but I can’t remember what they’re called.  When the wind blew it blew the rain right into us so while I was on my back doing crunches my whole front was getting rained on.  I started out wearing a jacket and soon took it off and sported my tank top…it was 40 some degrees and too hot!

It was nice, but I made the decision if it’s raining tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll go.  I was cold to the BONE after camp.

Before camp I scheduled a massage :-D  So I got home, had a quick protein shake.  Turned on the fire to warm the dog and try to warm myself and dry my clothes (I wasn’t about to put clean clothes on after working out and not showering).  I got to my appointment (and used one of my gift certificates that my lovely husband bought me for Christmas) and there she was…Minja…she’s pretty awesome…until she started my deep tissue.  I haven’t been to her in a while so I forgot how painful she is!  I kept having an out of body experience where all of the sudden, I felt nothing…then I’d be snapped back into my body and feel all the pain!  I love how she’s so thorough though!...I’m going to hurt tomorrow.      

::cue “Gonna Fly Now”::

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 13: HIIT me with your best shot

High Intensity Interval Training

Not sure why the word “interval” is in there…felt like there was no “interval” of anything.

Wednesday.  Cardio day.  ::sigh::
I’ve included a picture of where we ran.  This picture does not do it justice.  It was mostly uphill, and the part that’s lined thick means we did it multiple times….multiple doesn’t mean 2 or 3, I’m talking way more than 4 times!!  (if you can't read the yellow writing, we started on the left side of the screen, ran down and around, and ended up on the right side of the screen).  

It was torture.  All I wanted was water the entire time.  I was so thirsty.  I started fantasizing about the dew on the grass.  It looked so good.  The leaves and grass blades were so shiny with spots of water.  I then started looking for a hose, or sprinklers, ANYTHING!  But, there was nothing.  No water.  Nothing. 

My calves were so tight.  I’m gonna hurt tomorrow.  At one point for a long time my leg and foot went numb.  No, my shoe wasn’t too tight…I’m careful about that.  Suzanne said I should go see their chiropractor…..uuummm, ok, but I don’t believe in chiropractors.  I think maybe I need new shoes though because I started hurting; ankles, knees, etc.  I took my shoe off and moved my foot around and it started feeling better…but when I started moving again my leg got tight and numb again.  Made it really difficult to run!

Until next time....

Day 12: Work your booty

So we did a lot of the “Brazilian butt lift” work out…and a non-surgical tummy tuck.  Not much to say about it....I think I may like the surgical work :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 11: There’s no Try in Tri

…only do.

So I did.

We did triceps today…lots and lots of triceps.  I thought maybe with the title having “Tri” in it we’d be doing something with 3…nope.  We did tricep dips 10 times, then a different type of triceps, then a different one, then a different one…ok we did 7 different tricep dips 10 times a piece (I remember there were 7 because she called it a “7 layer dip”…it’s not as appetizing as it sounds).  Then we ran and sprinted and ran and sprinted, 5 times.  Then we did the 7 layer dips again at 10 apiece.  Then we took a few mins and did it again at 10 apiece.  We did squats working triceps, 3 different kinds of push ups and more triceps. 

My arms are a little tired, but not too bad.  My traps on the other hand are pretty sore…so is my ankle.  I remember running back to our mats and I stepped funny.  I thought “ouch” in the moment, but didn’t think anything else of it.  Now my ankle is really sore.

I think that I drink too much water on breaks cause after breaks my stomach feels sick…it aches when we work out hard and when we run I feel like throwing up (lol).  But I can’t help it!!  I get soooo thirsty!!!

I have a confession to make…I ate a donut…GAH!  I KNOW!  I don’t know what came over me!!  Don't tell my husband LOL.  I think it's out of my system now.  But shit on the ride home right after all that working out I want everything I can't have!  I drive by that Chinese food place, I drive by donuts, Popeye's, McDonald's and so much more lol.
Until tomorrow.....I hope my ankle feels better!