Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 22: You’re kidding me right?

Oh god, what now?  I don’t like saying “you’re kidding me…right?” because that means it’s something outrageous.

Dove chocolate…my FAVORITE!  Suzanne brought a BAG of them!!!  You’re kidding me right?

She gave everyone 1 chocolate heart…dark chocolate :-/  I’ll deal.

We put them on our mats and had to do these things called, “Floppy burpee” (lets make that plural…floppy burpies..?)…look them up.  Basically you end up flopped on your mat and we had to kiss the heart shaped dove chocolates and make a smacking sound with each kiss….you’re kidding me right?

We also had to put them under us and do pushups low enough to kiss them..again making that kissing smacking sound.   Do you know how low of a push up you have to do to kiss a chocolate heart under you!?  You’re kidding me right?!

We did a lot of running and crunching and mountain climbers and running backwards and pushups and tricep dips and more pushups…and running.  I noticed today that my stamina is like 100xs better than it was 5 weeks ago!!  I was in the top 5 finishing vs the end of the group like I was in the beginning.  I was able to keep up the entire time we ran even if we were just running from one area to the next to start new exercises. 
Someone even commented on my stamina :-D and how great I am and how much improvement I’ve made.
I hope that wasn’t a fluke…

The key is when you think you can’t run anymore…keep running.  That’s when you make progress.

So I guess "you're kidding me right?" wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...it wasn't a ridiculously outrageous thing...it was a funny thing.

I just ate that chocolate heart…Dove can make even dark chocolate decent!

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